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Artistic & Co. technology is a natural way to achieve healthy looking skin.

Users experience improvement in their complexion and obtain tighter, firmer skin.  Artistic & Co. innovated a multi-function system that combines the power of light energy, with pulse, vibration, and radio frequency to improve muscle stimulation.  Artistic devices help increase production of collagen and elastin.


MFIP® or Pulse technology

MFIP® or PULSE technology builds upon the UP technology which CONTRACTS and TIGHTENS all the facial muscles. This Mid Frequency Interval Plus adds a sensitive tapping sensation, as an esthetician would during a session, to relax your skin for an enjoyable experience.

UP / Ultra Pulse

UP/Ultra Pulse helps to simultaneously tighten muscles, warms skin and enhances beauty ingredient penetration using continuous electrical stimulation for an efficient at home facial experience.


EMS / Electronic Muscle Stimulation

EMS/Electronic Muscle Stimulation provides electrical facial muscle stimulation.  Electrical pulses enable stimulation to assist in FIRMING and TIGHTENING of the facial muscles to help combat the effects of time.  The EMS features is recommended and safe for daily use.

LED Light Treatment

Red light helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Blue light is known to help kill bacteria in skin pores

Green light helps to improve texture and tone

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