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Dr. Arrivo The Zeus

Dr. Arrivo The Zeus

SKU: 364115376135191

High energy output and 6 features in one device! The top anti-aging benefits all in one device. It’s like having the best of your favorite spa services, packed into one super tool. 6 Treatments in one beautiful and easy to use device!


The Zeus will give you long-term results by rejuvenating your skin with advanced LED technology and the best in advanced skin care to increase collagen and elastin. You would have to pay hundreds in soft spa services for similar treatments.


This magical, must have beauty tool, has every feature and benefit all in one powerful device. Our best-selling high power at home tool, the Zeus delivers visible skin rejuvenating results within the first few sessions. The result smoother, brighter and more youthful looking skin!


    Zeus Multifunctional beauty Device

    ARTISTIC & CO.’S infinite pursuit of beauty, introduces the new Zeus multifunctional phototherapy beauty device. The Zeus is derived from large-scale beauty devices and is now at a smaller volume to accommodate greater beauty efficacy on the go. Many doctors and beauticians will tell you that you feel different after a single use. This high-tech and multi-purpose beauty machine can be used from the face/neck to the whole body.


    Product name: Dr. Arrivo The Zeus

    Voltage requirements: Global voltage

    Output frequency: 90kHz

    Power consumption: 12W

    LED wavelength: Blue light 415nm (± 10nm)
    Green light 530nm (± 10nm)
    Red light 620nm (± 10nm)

    Device appearance: 186mmX51mmX50mm

    Device weight: About 150g

    Treatment time:: 10 minutes

    Country of origin: Japan


    WEIGHT 3 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 14 × 10 × 4 in

    Black, Red, Golden, No Color Option


    With, Without

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