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our origin story


Artistic & Co Ltd. began in 2009 in the mid-size Japanese city of Gifu. Japan, where all Artistic & Co devices and cosmetics are developed and manufactured.

Japan is known as the world’s highest quality manufacturer for leading brands across many industries including electronics and automobiles.

Gifu is admired for its ancient artisan culture for quality and craftsmanship. Historically the region produced blades and swords for Samurai warriors of the highest quality, balance, and precision.


To this day Gifu produces some of the world’s finest razors, knives, and scissors.

Gifu is a resort destination because of its soothing mineral hot springs where people flock for physical wellbeing and relaxation.

Inspired by the legacy of his hometown, the company founder Hideki Kondo, assembled his team of engineers, beauty experts, and designers.  Following the Japanese philosophy of beauty and nature, the Artistic & Co team’s mission is to create exquisitely designed, light weight skin care devices for home use.

The family was in the spa & salon business. The founder’s wife, a beauty professional, asked Kondo-san if it was possible to create a new handheld skincare device that provided many of the benefits of the large facial machines that people could find only at expensive salons.  The result was the introduction of the company’s first advanced skin care device for the face and body. Our Artistic & Co branded devices combine a variety of innovative functions with LED light treatment to create the world’s leading skin care device for the home or professional spa use.

Unlike other light treatment skincare devices Artistic & Co has innovated many additional functions that include pulse and stimulation features to improve the skin’s ability to absorb healthful topicals to improve skin appearance, tone, and resilience.

Our advanced features include… patented technology MFIP ®- Mid Frequency Interval Pulse, UP- Ultra Pulse, EMS- Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and VR- Vibration. These additional integrated features in your device create benefits for relaxation and deeper penetration of applied serums and topicals.

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